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The Adriana Milli Alterini's Emme Company was born in 1973 and today boasts 40 years of history and achievements, conquering a leading position in fire safety domain. Over the years the company gets the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification too, keeping that despite  the strict systems of control during its production in Tuscany factory. At the beginning the dealing  trades in a little artisanal workshop, only 50 sqm. In 1974, just one year later, the after-sales service, take place with a beige 500 Fiat, and later in 1976 is buyed a red 128 Fiat, the same colour as the most important products of Emme Antincendi company, in fact today like yesterday:the fire extinguisher. In 1978, by virtue of its achievemennts, the company  buys his first Ford Transit Van.

In 1983, the company introduces the prototypes to the Centre of Studies and Experiences in Rome, becoming in this way the second company in Italy with the portable fire extinguishers certifications, according to the Ministerial Order  12/20/1982 (Code Maker 002). In 1984, thanks to a big plumbing and safety fire work Milli's family, composed by five persons, allows itself its first holiday on mountains, and one year later, emploies the first worker for external assistance services.

In 1986 buys a factory in Corsalone (AR), 600 sqm, and in 1989, Gianfranco Milli, when he was 52 years old, retires, putting himself in the company's business. In 1990 his daughter Barbara, just graduate, takes office as company's administrative leader, and in 1994, his son Alberto, just graduate like his sister, joins the company, becoming the account manager and the customer service chief, and in 1997 the son Marco, gets inside the company as product manager.

In the mean time in 1995 the Emme company gets some certifications for wheeled fire extinguishers according to the Law UNI 9492 and in 1996 at the Sicurtech Expo in Milan, the company takes part at its first fair dedicated to the safety in working environment and public spaces. In 1998 gets by RINA the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001. In the same year the company increases its factory space, designed for warehouse, from 600 sqm to 1500 sqm. In 1998 Puntosicurezza s.r.l. was born in Arezzo, selling portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, fire escape systems and protective equipment, dedicating to their routine and emergency maintenance too, thanks to experts in the field very highly qualified.

In 2000 the company takes part  in its second fair at the Exhibition Centre in Rho, near Milan, and in 2003 once again at the Sicurtech Expo Fair in Milan. Two years later, in 2005, the Emme company gets more than 20 ratings and certifications for the portable fire extinguishers according to the Ministerial Order 01/07/2005 (EN 3/7) and the Directive 96/98/CE MED (Marine Equipment Directive).

From that year onwards, come in succession many certifications, source of pride for the company, on international market too. In 2007, in fact, the Emme gets the DN45 testing certification for the fire escape hoses, by law EN 14540+A1:2007; in 2008 the fire blankets testing certification by law EN 1869:2007; in 2009 gets the DN70 certification for smoked and frangible glasses by law ISO 4892:2006, and then the DN70 testing certification for fire escape hoses by law UNI 9847:2006. In 2009 the Emme company publishes its first catalogue too, addressed to all the sellers in the national and foreign market.

In 2010 the Emme company gets the DN45 Storz testing certification for  fire  hoses by law EN 14540:2004+A1:2007;in 2011 the testing certification for fire  hoses reel CE by law EN 671-2:2001/Ac:2002 and then the testing certification for wall mounted fire  hoses CE by law EN 671-2/A1:2004. In the same year is showing the second edition of the Emme's company catalogue, conteining an increasing of the products: health and safety, fire escape, signs, first aid. In 2012 gets the certification for 6 class F foam fire extinguishers and for polar solvents; and then gets more than 60 certifications by law 1866-1 destinated to the foreign market. In 2013 gets more than 60 certifications by law EN 1866-1 for the navy unit MED (Marine Equipment Directive).

In 2013 the company sets to use the network to indroduce itself in the international trade market - E-Commerce, a facebook profile and an Emme company's network. On December 13th/14th,for the first time, the company have an event where some E-commerce members and sellers, approximately 140 take a part. An educational and formative event kindly offered by Emme and Punto sicurezza companies. During the event, Gianfranco Milli, founding member, wishes for continue to work together reaching the high standards: friendship, trasparency, respect and mutual trust must ever be the succes of company.

Retracing the 40 years of history of our company we realize how the Emme has evolved from a company with a medium-sized production to a leading company in the field of production on a national and international scale, thanks to its high quality level remained unchanged over time. Everything was made possible thanks to our manager and employees that work with passion and care.

Emme works in Italy and abroad by virtue of its fire extinguishers wide range, with characteristics respecting the needs too of cold in the North of Italy/Europe ( Class F foam fire extinguishers validations and certifications up to -30 C°). In the last years, with the coming of globalization, the market is evolving, therefore, the Emme company, drawing on its own experience and its high quality standard of production, has invested in new products addressed to European market with over 100 certifications of new fire extinguishers.

Despite the recognition in the international context, our roots are connected with the original places where an idea has become an enterprise, in Tuscany, in the heart of Casententino's wide valley, a land rich in history, to be more precise in Corsalone, Chiusi della Verna municipality.

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