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New lithium battery extinguisher

New lithium battery extinguisher

Discover our fire extinguishers!

Fire Extinguishers

New 100% Fluorine Free Fire Extinguisher!

New 100% Fluorine Free Fire Extinguisher!


Of the products thanks to advanced producitve tecnologies that satisfy the highiest safe and quality standards, according to the legislative security related laws and requirementes 


Of a solid and reliable partner that works from more than 45 years in the safety business


Thanks to an internal and external commercial unit based in the teritory that can offers a complete assistance during the phases before and after the sale


It's in 1973 that starts the history of Emme Antincendio SRL from the idea of his owner Gian Franco Milli. He wanted to create a reality that was able to become through the years a point of reference in the safety world.

Today the Emme group boasts more than 1000 resellers in the whole Italy, a network coverage  commercial net and 3 point of sales property of Emme. 

A reality that step by step became the leader in the fireproof italian market and that is spreading in the European and global market.



Grow up with our clients is one of our goals, for this reason we devoute ourselves to give dedicated services and updated knowledge.

Our training school organizes every month refresher courses and specific courses for installers and technical maintenance worker.

Moreover we offer fire existinguishers, fire hoose and outdated fireproof equipements withdrawal service