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Emme Antincendio Srl

Specialized for more than 50 years in the production and distribution of fire extinguishers and fireproff equipment

Emme Antincendio Srl - Produzione estintori omologati

Emme Antincendio borns in the 1973 thanks to the dream and ambition of his founder Gian Franco Milli who has always been active in the safe equipements world.

A reality able to become a safe and trustworthy partner for all companies operating in the fire and security world, but also a company oriented towards innovation and constant growth, as it was imagined by its founder and so today, Emme Antincendio has become an important player company in the design, production and sale of fire protection systems.

The enterprise has been the second nationial company to obtain the approvals of portable fire extinguishers according to the Italian Ministerial Decree of 20/12/1982 - Building Code 002. Today the company is driven by his sons Barbara, Alberto and Marco which boasts more than 45 years of history and goals, several certifications obtained over the years and a internal team of professionals who share the values ​​impressed by its founder such as honesty, respect, trust, dialogue and humility.

Emme Antincendio Srl - Export

Emme sells in Italy and abroad thanks to its wide range of fire existinguishers with features that also meet the needs of rigid temperatures of northern Italy/Europe (certification and approval of class F foam fire extinguishers up to -30 ° C).

The market evolution and the new needs of its customers has led the company to invest in new products both for Italy and for the European market obtaining the certification of over 100 new models of fire extinguishers.

Not only Emme Antincendio deals with the production and sale of fire-fighting equipment, but also is a reference point for its customers with constant consultancy and training of staff and with costant updates on Europeans safe laws.

Today it has a production area of ​​over 1600 square meters for a total area of ​​over 4000 square meters, a central and productive site in Tuscany, in the heart of the Casentino valley, in the town of Chiusi della Verna, Corsalone, a company in Arezzo, Punto Sicurezza SRL that sells portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, equipment, fire-prevention and accident-prevention systems and  that takes care of their ordinary and extraordinary maintenance thanks to qualified technicians of high level.

From January 2015 the wholesale of Milan-Mazzo di Rho - Via G. Di Vittorio 11 is open, close to the Milan-Rho area and from June 2018 the new wholesale in Padua in Via Polonia, 35 is operative and easily reachable from every local dealer and/or installer.

Emme Antincendio Srl - Produttore e fornitore di prodotti Antincendio e Antinfortunistica

Emme Antincendio Srl plays its business in several areas and is producer and reseller of a wide range of Fireproof and Safe Equipements products: