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Emme Antincendio Srl

Specialized for more than 50 years in the production and distribution of fire extinguishers and fireproof equipment

Emme Antincendio Srl - production and sale of certified fire extinguishers


Emme Antincendio is an Italian manufacturer with 50 years of experience in the design, production and sale of certified "made in Italy" fire extinguishers, both portable and wheeled, for the industrial and naval sectors. Over the years, our company has developed a complete range of high quality fire extinguishing products, always in step with the latest technologies in the sector.

Emme Antincendio Srl - production and sale of certified fire extinguishers


EMME ANTINCENDIO was founded by Gian Franco Milli and his family in 1973 and has steadily grown to become one of the most dynamic companies in the sector, a leader in the Italian market through a widespread network of dealers.

Over the years, it has started a constant territorial expansion with shops in Milan, Padua, Arezzo, Rome and Cagliari.

It has also recently increased its production capacity at its headquarters, doubling its space and acquiring a new logistics hub.

EMME ANTINCENDIO also intends to become an important reality in the world market, counting on a highly qualitative production and equipping its products with the major certifications existing today.

For 50 years, Emme Antincendio has had safety and protection as its mission, producing a wide range of products with the experience and reliability of a company that in 1982 was the second to pass the ministerial tests for the approval of its fire extinguishers.

Looking back over past history, we can proudly testify to the evolution from a medium-sized production company to a national and international market leader, thanks to the high level of quality that has remained unchanged over time.

Emme Antincendio Srl - production and sale of certified fire extinguishers

Emme Antincendio srl TODAY

The company currently has a production area of over 5000 square metres, a raw material storage area of about 2000 square metres 3 km from the head office, and various sales outlets spread throughout the territory.

EMME ANTINCENDIO was founded and developed with the intention of producing fire extinguishers without compromising on quality and always observing the highest production standards.

This has also led us to invest in new models approved specifically for the foreign market.

Thanks to our partners and customers, we cover the entire country, and thanks to our shops we offer not only a logistical service but also support to our customers.

Our sales outlets have been conceived and developed not only as wholesalers for the collection of material on stock, but above all as a reference point for the maintenance technician in solving everyday problems in his work. We also provide important collection services for obsolete fire extinguishers and hoses, and periodically organise classroom training courses specifically for the fire-fighting maintenance technician.

Together with our partners and customers, Emme Antincendio today exports its product to over 35 countries worldwide.

Emme Antincendio Srl - Produttore e fornitore di prodotti Antincendio e Antinfortunistica

Emme Antincendio Srl plays its business in several areas and is producer and reseller of a wide range of Fireproof and Safe Equipements products: