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Published on 03/10/2023
Emme Antincendio: Open Views On The Future

The 50th anniversary of the founding of EMME was an opportunity to take a look at our history. We reflected on half a century of commitment that has led the EMME brand to represent excellence in the sector. Today we still recognise ourselves in that path, guided by the focus on ensuring high quality products and solutions and by the link with the territory, values that have never failed to allow us to achieve ambitious goals.

Companies, like people, cannot, however, always remain the same; they must be able to evolve, to align themselves with the scenarios of the contemporary world and in comparison with global markets. As EMME we have chosen to start a process of evolution in continuity with our principles but stimulated by the desire to grow and the priority given to environmental issues.



The company logo will visually accompany the steps of this process, also evolving in accordance with the important tradition behind us and the renewed outlook on the future.

Follow the evolution of EMME Firefighting with us, so that together we can meet the new challenges with the same safety as always.