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Wildifires are those fires that develop in woods, forests, fields, grazings, and generally in wild wooded areas. The causes of wildfires may be different, and theyc hange according to the environment in different parts of the world.

The main natural causes for wildfires are four. Lightinings release a highest amount of energy and they are likely to start a fire, especially if the vegetation on the ground they hit is particularly dry. It may happen that lapilli spurted out during an eruption start a fire in zones with active volcanoes. Though less likely, even frictioning rocks during a landslip might give rise to dangerous sparks. Lastly, but not less important, let us mention the possibility for all living systems of spontaneous combustion, plants included.

Human beings contribute in different ways to wildfires, often, not always, by carelessness. Sometimes wildfires started due to a cigarette butt that was thought extinguished and thrown on the ground, other times, glass litter worked as lenses and concentrated sun rays in an only spot. It might happen that a powerline passing over a wild area provokes a fire. But there are also arsonists who willingly set wild areas on fire.
A sad occurence, especially common in developing zones, is the slash and burn clearing. It is performed to take cultivable areas from the forest in a short time (for example, South and Centre America, Africa, South-east Asia, Fiji and New Zealand).