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The record card is a document that certifies all maintenance interventions made according to current regulations. It can be used for more than an intervention and for more than a year. The maintenance record card will show:
1) serial number, or other number that helps identify the fire extinguisher;
2) company name and complete address of maintainer, and other useful identity data;
3) fire extinguisher's gross mass;
4) actual load;
5) type of maintenance;
6) last intervention date (mm/yy);
7) readable signature or id punch of the maintainer.
Replacements, including the extinguishing agent replacement, cannot interfere with the fire extinguisher's accordance with its prototype and the maintainer must guarantee this to the user. The time between two replacements of the extinguishing agent cannot be longer than the time of efficiency, as declared by the manufacturer, and, in any case, no longer than what provided for inspections.
During periodical and extraordinary maintenance with the purpose of inspecting the solidity and entirety of the fire extinguisher, and every time the fire extinguisher is partially discharged, the extinguishing agent must be totally replaced. The manufacturer must give all the instructions to reload the fire extinguisher.
Maintenance can be even made out of the expected time, in case the appointed maintainer finds it necessary.

Example of record card, not filled up.