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Fire means destruction and emergency in every culture. Some modern countries have decided to institute a day, or a week, to raise the awareness of the danger that fire represents.

CHINA: there is a particular reason why National Fire Safety Day in China falls on November 9th. 11-9 is the exact transposition of the national emergency number, 119. This number was chosen because it could be also read like the chinese word for "to save".

GAMBIA: National Bush Fire Day falls on March 5th.

INDIA: Fire Services Day falls on April 14th, while Fire Services Week goes from April 14th to 20th. This to commemorate a terrible fire burst on a ship on April 14th, 1944. The ship contained cotton bales, ammunition, explosives and gold bars. Nobody was ever able to exactly evaluate how many people died (but for the 66 rescuers who had rushed to aid and died) and how much was lost.

POLAND: National Fire Fighter's Day falls on May 18th.

UNITED STATES AND CANADA: the Fire Prevention Week goes from Monday to Saturday and includes October 9th. This date was chosen to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire (October 8-10, 1871). Initially, in 1911, the commemoration lasted only a day, but president Calvin Coolidge extended it to a whole week in 1925.