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Compliance certificate Emme Antincendio Products

Emme Antincendio is pleased to submit an important innovation to guarantee its ranche of products:

Compliance certificate product 


Thanks to the Voluntary Product Certification Emme Antincendio S.r.l. wants to place, increase and diversify its products in the global market ensuring the customer products designed, manufactured and tested at various stages of the production circle. 

The specification of product Characteristics defined for a test is carried out in order to define the requirements of: assembling extinguishers, use of fire extinguishing agents produced by primary suppliers with plants located in an EU country, controlling the forque-tank valve of powder, foam and co2 portable and wheeled fire extinguishers built in establishment in "Via del Molino, 40 - 52010 - Corsalone - Arezzo" for the certification of the product by an independent body.

The company's goal is to enanche the high level of safety of its products, creating added value, highlight the quality of extinguishing agents purchased from Italian and European industry leaders, strengthen the brand Emme, generating confidence and transparency with their customers. 

The certification of product conformity will be highlighted on the products Emme with the approval of a label "Certified product in accordance with specification DP-01 rev.4".

The certification of conformity of the product is our added value


The certification of conformity of the product is our added value