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Emme Antincendio is an Italian company with more than 45 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and selling approval portable and mobile fire extinguishers "Made in Italy" for industrial and marine.
Our Company has been able to develop the offer of a full range of fire safety material and equipment, beside the ability of designing customized automatic firefighting systems.


Emme Antincendio was founded by Gian Franco Milli and his Family in 1973 and it has been constantly growing to become one of the most dynamic market leader in Italy, offering a network of more than 40 dealers, a commercial branch in Milan and a production site in Arezzo.

Emme Antincendio intends to become an important player in the World market of firefighting equipment counting on its outstanding quality and the highest certification  and safety standard.


Products and Services:

Emme Antincendio offers a full range of Fire Extinuishers including the following products:

  • Portable Hand Held Fire Extinguishers: from 1 kg up to 12 kg Powder, Foam and Co2;
  • Wheeled Fire Extinguishers​: from 10 kg up to 150 kg Powder, Foam and Co2;
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishers: from 6 kg up to 12 kg Powder and Foam.


Emme Antincendio, thanks to the experience build assisting a vast number of dealers all over the World, supports its network of dealers and customers quickly, efficiently taking special care of the post sales services and assistance.
Our Company strongly believes in constant training of our selling personnel and our partners, in order to guarantee the best possible service and assistance in the selection of the right solutions for different markets.


Quality and Certifications

The company's entire production meets the highest quality standards, besides the legal certifications: our fire extinguishers are guaranteed by a third party, one of the most authoritative international certification bodies, the bureau veritas.

Emme Antincendio wants to grow establishing itself over the years as a dynamic, young professional reality focusing its growth on customers services, ensuring safety, quality, and constant product development.

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