Monnex Powder Fire Extinguisher UNI EN 3-7 - Kg 12 - Fire Rating 233 B C

Monnex Powder Fire Extinguisher UNI EN 3-7 - Kg 12 - Fire Rating 233 B C

Monnex Powder Fire Extinguisher UNI EN 3-7 - Kg 12 - Fire Rating 233 B C

Made in Italy


Monnex dry Powder Portable fire extinguisher kg 12 - Model: 25124-2 - 233BC - UNI EN 3-7







• Manufactured in accordance with and tested EN 3-7
• CE Marked according to Directive PED 2014/68/EU
• Quality Product certification guaranteed by Bureau Veritas Italia
• Pressurized at moment of use with gr.225 Co2 cartridge
• Powder Monnex
The powder is not conductive and the fire extinguisher may be used in presence of electric equipment
up to 1000V.
High temperatures in the combustion zone cause Monnex powder to explode or decrepitate, breaking down the powder into minute particles within the fire. This dramatically increases its surface area for rapid quenching of the free radicals that perpetuate the chain reaction of the fire. Unrivalled speed of control and fire extinction is therefore achieved.

• Manufactured in Italy

Technical Specifications:

Model UNI EN 3-7 cod. 25124-2
Nominal Charge 12 kg
Fire Rating 233 B C
Temperature Range -30°C + 60°C
Extinguishig Agent Powder EPW 18462
Working Pressure gr.225 Co2 Cartridge
Discharge Time 30 sec.
Valve Tightening 45 N
Discharge Range 3 m
Cylinder Pressure Test PT 30 Bar
Cylinder Bursting Pressure >55 Bar
Cylinder Volume L 12.20
Safety Valve 22 - 26 Bar
Cylinder Material Carbon Steel DC 04
External Treatment Sandblast, epoxypolyestere coating red RAL 3000

Height 630 mm
Diameter 182 mm
Weight Kg 18.70

1 Piece N°30 Pieces
Max 2 boxes for pallet

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