Foam Portable fire extinguisher L 6 En 3-7 - Model: 22064

Foam Portable fire extinguisher L 6 En 3-7 - Model: 22064

Foam Portable fire extinguisher L 6 En 3-7 - Model: 22064


Made in Italy


Foam Portable fire extinguisher L 6 - En 3-7 - Model: 22064



FIRE CLASS : 43A - 233B - 75F







• Manufactured in accordance with and tested EN 3-7
• Approved to European Marine Directive MED 2014/90/EU
• S.O.L.A.S. (Safety of life at sea) ‘74 (2000)
• CE marked according to PED 2014/68/EU
• Quality Product certification guaranteed by Bureau Veritas Italia
• Permanent pressure with N2 or dehumidified air
• High quality pressure gauge
• Foam EWAB1
• Special CPF anticorrosion valve
It can be used on electrical equipment up to 1000 V voltage.
Suitable on Class A fires (combustible materials), Class B fires (flammable liquids) and Class F fires (cooking oils and fats)
• Manufactured in Italy


Technical Specifications:


Model UNI EN 3-7 cod. 22064
Model MED 2014/90/UE cod. 27064
Nominal Charge 6 L
Fire Rating 43 A 233 B 75 F
Temperature Range +5°C + 60°C
Extinguishing Agent Foam EWAB1
Working Pressure Dehumidified air or N2
14 Bar a 20°C
Discharge Time 19 sec.
Valve Tightening 50 N
Discharge Range 3 m
Cylinder Pressure Test PT 27 Bar
Cylinder Pressure Test >55 Bar
Cylinder Volume L 7.8
Safety Valve 20 - 26 Bar
Cylinder Material Carbon Steel DC 04
External Treatment Sandblast, epoxypolyestere coating red RAL 3000
Internal Treatmant Plastified


Height 550 mm
Diameter 160 mm
Weight Kg 9.86

1 Piece N°44 Pieces
Max 2 boxes for pallet

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